Even small casinos benefit tribes

With unemployment rates reaching 80-90% on some reservations in remote and rural areas of the United States, any kind of economic development is a great boon to the reservation community. One example are the small gaming/casino operations of many tribes in North and South Dakota. Due to the small populations and tourist travel in those states, Indian reservations are rarely going to make mega-bucks off of casinos.

But that does not mean that the construction work and 30-40 jobs that small bingo and gaming establishments provide are not very valuable tribal economic development tools.

For example, a North Dakota newspaper reports that the Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation of North Dakota will break ground on Monday on a $3 million casino expansion.

The tribe will add 15,000 square-feet to the Spirit Lake Casino and Hotel and remodel another 7,700 square-feet of existing space. Two ballrooms, an updated hotel lobby, salon and conference room are part of the project.

Spirit Lake Casino to begin expansion (The Grand Forks Herald 6/12)

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