Violence against Native women

Minnesota public radio comments on published reports that American Indian women are victims of sexual violence at a rate two to three times that of any other segment of the population.

Amnesty International published its 2007 report, “Maze of Injustice,” in which it argues that sexual violence against American Indian women is a human rights violation, and reports that Native women are raped three times more often than other women.

In Minnesota, American Indians represent less than 2% of the population, yet research estimates that at least 11% of homeless people in the state are American Indians.

Thirty-one% of Native women report they are homeless due to physical/sexual abuse in the home.

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0 Responses to Violence against Native women

  1. Tires says:

    I myself am Native American and live in Vermont. This is very sad. Look what things have come to.

  2. Janiye says:

    Has an explanation been given for this larger than national average figures?

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