Canadian Mohawk Band banishes non-Indians

The press reports that the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake has given a group of 25 white people that are living on the Mohawk Indian reservation near Montreal 10 days to move away. Most of the non-natives are in relationships with Mohawks.

The band has forbidden mixed marriages since 1981 with the goal of preserving native bloodlines.

“We’re very concerned about protecting our identity because at a certain point, the Canadian government will look at us and say: ‘You’re not even Indians,'” a tribal spokesman said.

The reservation is home to some 7,500 Mohawks.

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  1. Shelly Thomas says:

    The Onondaga’s have evicted close to 50 people for not coplying with the laws of our nation and we also have non-Onondaqgas sitting on our council that need to be removed. As we have a large family that is non-native decent altogether and we need these people off our enrollments. Then maybe this will give the Real Indian’s more medical and bring the Onondagas back to their nation. These “encroachers” have taken enough from the Onondagas’ and made us live in poverty. It is time for these people to go or go to prison for “Treason” and Human Rights” violations. They call the Onondagas that live off the nation “outsiders” and treat them like their the “intruders”. As we have “taken these people under our wing” they have taken our bank acounts!!! They live in nice homes, the Onondagas’ live in run down trailers. Some get their bills paid by the contracts that belong to the Onondagas’, The Onondagas’ have to pay their utility bills!! They have unlimited credit cards, the Onondagas’ go without!!! They have nice cars, Onondagas are still walking! It’s time we get them off our land, and send them back to their own tribes!!!

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