Oneida Tribe develops politically and economically

The Oneida Tribe of Indians in Wisconsin is facing a markedly different political and economic landscape. For example, an industrial park that was built decades ago with the hope of attracting tenants now houses retail giants like Wal-Mart and Festival Foods along with several tribally owned businesses.

The Tribe operates far more programs and several business corporations and have larger budgets and 3,000 employees than it did in the recent past.

This month is the 172nd anniversary of the 1838 treaty with the Menominee Tribe of Indians that established the boundaries of the Oneida reservation and marked its move from its ancestral homes in New York.

Federal policies in the following years dissected tribal lands and dislocated tribal citizens across the country for schooling and work. Today’s tribal government embraces that history as well as the challenge of governing in an increasingly sophisticated and diverse political and economic landscape that covers nearly 16,500 enrolled citizens.

There is much more to read in an article in today’s Greenbay PressGazette.

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