Kuna Yala

Another film at the Palm Springs Agua Caliente Tribe’s film festival was about the Kuna Indians of Panama. I think it was called The Wind and the Water.

It was a very interesting fictional story about development and change for the Kuna people. They live on iheir own islands called Kuna Yala off the northeast coast of Panama. The country of Panama has mostly left the Kuna alone and the Kuna create and enforce their own laws that are enacted by their legislature and are written in Kuna and Spanish.

This fictional story is about Kuna young people and the changes to Kuna culture and life by potential economic development in Kuna Yala and changes in traditions and lifeways.

The film raises the usual questions that Indigenous peoples around the world are forced to face. What kind of changes do native cultures and peoples want? How can they control those changes? How can they maintain a traditional way of life?

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  1. Without protecting cultures of indigenous people like Kuna Indians and other similar tribes, humankind is going to loose a trace of its own origins. It is so wonderful for anthropologists to be able to study almost the whole spectrum of human cultures just inside one century.

    After destroying their habitat and invading their way of life we at least owe them that much.

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