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World Bank study shows Indigenous Peoples are world's poorest

“A new study by the World Bank had confirmed that indigenous people, making up 5 per cent of the world’s population, were still among the poorest of the poor, although findings indicated that indigenous peoples in Asia were closing the … Continue reading

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United States apologizes to American Indians – but forgets to tell them?!

Senator Sam Brownback, R-KS, has been introducing an apology resolution to American Indians in the Senate since 2004. It was nothing more than just a general statement of apology and did not create any potential for lawsuits oor offer to … Continue reading

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Muckleshoot Tribe buys more land

There are many significant benefits that arise from American Indian tribes improving their financial situations and raising their citizens out of poverty. One excellent example is that many tribal governments are using excess monies to rebuy land within their own … Continue reading

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Avatar – the story of Earth's Indigenous Peoples?

I just saw Avatar last Friday night. I knew that there was a Native American theme to the movie, but I was overwhelmed and moved by the “real history” portrayed in the “movie story.” The history of European exploitation and … Continue reading

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Deputizing tribal police – win/win situation?

There has been an enormous amount of attention put on the issues of criminal jurisdiction in Indian Country in the past couple of years. The U.S. Senate has held hearings on this subject, for example. The fact that tribal government … Continue reading

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American Indian leaders ask for streamlined development rules

American Indian leaders asked Congress to streamline the development of energy projects on tribal lands by curbing some federal oversight and providing incentives for companies to work on reservations. Reservations from Oklahoma to Montana and Alaska sit atop large amounts … Continue reading

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Obama representative addresses United Nations

Kimberly Teehee, the White House’s Senior Policy Advisor for Native American Affairs, addressed the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on April 22. She said in part: “I want to acknowledge that the United States has a unique legal … Continue reading

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