Ancient American Indian mound to be replicated

The Natchez Democrat reports that the lost civilization of Troyville is slowly rising from the ground in Jonesville Tennessee, at least a replica that is.

Troyville was the ancient American Indian civilization that existed where the Town of Jonesville now stands.
It was home to the second largest Indian mound in North America, which stood 80-feet tall. The mound was destroyed and used to build the approaches for the Black River bridge in the 1930s.

The bridge was demolished last year, and plans to build an on-site replica of the mound out of the surviving dirt are coming to fruition.

Following the bridge demolition, archeologists sifted through the dirt that had belonged to the ancient mound and found stakes, old cane matting, cane domes described as being as large as buses and some pottery and shells.

They also discovered where a palisade fence had been erected around the original mound site. Plans to build a museum dedicated to the mound and the American Indian culture that built it are in the early stages.

To learn more about the mound reconstruction project, visit

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