Muckleshoot Tribe buys more land

There are many significant benefits that arise from American Indian tribes improving their financial situations and raising their citizens out of poverty.

One excellent example is that many tribal governments are using excess monies to rebuy land within their own reservations and to buy land even outside the boundaries of their reservations.

A Washington newspaper reports on the latest example:

“The Muckleshoot Tribe recently added another piece to the 70-acre off-reservation portion of the Miles Sand & Gravel Co. property in southeast Auburn that it bought last October.

According to King County records, . . . the county recorded the $2.6 million sale April 12.

. . . the . . . parcel is presently the site of a nine-year-old office building.

Tribal Spokesman Rollin Fatland said that the Tribe has leased the land back to Miles Sand & Gravel for the immediate future.

“There are no changes to the land use planned at this time,” Fatland said.

Public records show that the tribe paid $33.7 million for the areas of Miles Sand and Gravel it bought last October. . . .

The acquisition comes five years after the tribe acquired the 94-acre on-reservation portion of the Miles property.”

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  1. Thank you very much for the updates.Wasn’t aware of the statistics before reading this post.Buying more land is a good move by the tribes.Having said that i hope everything is happening within the legal framework.This is certainly a wise way to improve their financial situation.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

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