World Bank study shows Indigenous Peoples are world's poorest

“A new study by the World Bank had confirmed that indigenous people, making up 5 per cent of the world’s population, were still among the poorest of the poor, although findings indicated that indigenous peoples in Asia were closing the gap faster than indigenous peoples in other parts of the world.

Addressing journalists at a Headquarters press conference this afternoon, on the margins of the ninth session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Harry Patrinos, co-author of the study Indigenous Peoples, Poverty and Development, said the status of indigenous peoples from Latin America, compared to that of indigenous peoples in Asia, had changed little in recent years, raising questions about the benefits of targeted initiatives, such as bilingual education programmes, which was popular in that region. . . . .”

Read the study.

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0 Responses to World Bank study shows Indigenous Peoples are world's poorest

  1. Thanks for the updates and the statistics.This is indeed a matter that needs attentions and needs to be looked into by the respective government.Conditions of indigenous people in Asia maybe better as compared to Latin America but it is only marginally.Latin American government needs to take quick action.Do keep me updated.

  2. Survival Acres says:

    Maybe poor in terms of economy, jobs (slave labor) and infrastructure, but rich where the rest of the developed world seriously lacks.

    The World Bank is definitely NOT an institution that I’d be inclined to trust or allow to interfere with indigenous rights and development. If the World Banks is bringing out these kind of statistics, it is only because they are looking for new avenues to exploit lands and resources presently still in the hands of the indigenous.

  3. especially with the current status of the world economically the world bank is getting in more and more powerful position.

  4. srvwebs says:

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    Thanks for sharing information.

  5. Kevin Loyed says:

    Knowledgeable and important post thanks for sharing.

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