Restore native names to landscapes?

As part of “exploring” and “claiming” the New World, Euro-American’s repeatedly replaced the names Indigneous Peoples had long given to prominent landscape features with European names.

A group is currently working to restore the Native American name to Mt. Rainier in Washington states.

Drummers, musical performers, and Native American activist speakers are supporting the restoration of Native American names to sacred sites. The Day of 1000 Drums is planned for Sunday May 30th 11am to 4pm at the Portland Avenue Park in Tacoma.

The day will be filled with keynote, celebrity, spiritual, and Elder speakers, accompanied by musical appearances of many award winning native recording artists. The event will be formatted potlatch style, with special attention given to the Elders and childrens well being and care.

The Day of 1000 Drums event focuses primarily on “Mt. Rainier” the name chosen by explorer Captain George Vancover to honor a British Admiral. For thousands of years the mountain was known as Ti?Swaq?, Tacobet and Takhoma by the various indigenous communities and language groups fed by the mountains many glaciers. Satiacum has posted a web site: and is enlisting groups and individuals to be part of the Restore Native Names Alliance.

For more information or to support this effort, visit or email 253.224.4888.

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