Chilean forces to attack Indigenous Rapanui??

I received an email press release that is disturbing, but I have no way of knowing if this report is true.

The Rapanui people live on Easter Island, which is about 3,000 miles across the Pacific from Chile. The Island became part of Chile when it used the Doctrine of Discovery to claim Easter Island in 1888.

This press release claims that on Wednesday, apparently, Chilean special forces were sent to Easter Island because 500 Indigenous people were reclaiming land

You can read the press release.

Here’s what it says in part: “August 9, 2010 . . . Pacific Islanders non-violently take back Easter Island
At 12 noon today Chile’s armed forces set to annihilate 100s of unarmed indigenous Rapanui people
At 12 noon today armed Chilean forces (navy marines) and intelligence officers (dando vueltas) are set to crush 100s of unarmed Pacific island natives of Rapanui, aka Easter Island, who are staging a non-violent retaking of their ancestral land through occupation.
Since last week hundreds of unarmed islanders had moved into government buildings, the museum and the privately-owned Hanga Roa hotel.
The Rapanui families have filed for protective orders to be issued (a constitutional action or recurso de amparo preventivo). Yet, today the Chilean forces are on the verge of attack without the world knowing of the Rapanui’s plight.. . .
The root of the current revolution is based in the Chilean’s continued occupation and systematic abuse of the Rapanui people, in violation of the United Nations laws on political decolonization and today also the International Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, to which Chile became a signatory in 2007. Chile’s actions also violate Chile’s own Indigenous Laws, which make it illegal for non-Rapanui people to own land on the island. The Chilean government has continued to condone abuses relating to health, usurpation of lands, and endangerment of the fragile environment and eco-system of the island by unrestricted immigration of foreigners and Chilean nationals.
In August 2009, the Rapanui people took over the international Mataveri Hanga Roa airport for three days, at which time the Chilean government agreed to start giving control over immigration through a constitutional amendment. To date the Chilean government has not fulfilled its agreement and the fragile ecosystem of the island is endangered. Chile has only delayed political decisions which are needed, such as the intervention of the Committee on Decolonization of the United Nations, return of usurped state owned lands, and restrictions on immigration. . . .”

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  1. Ahni says:

    At this point I don’t think they’re going to attack, but a bunch of police were definitely sent there to “monitor” the situation. the indigenous peoples are are calling for secession.

    Here’s a couple more reports:

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