Solar energy powers the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Solar energy is generating much of the electricity for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe’s high school, medical clinic and museum thanks to the Tribe’s commitment to renewable energy.

On July 22, the Tribe celebrated the completion of seven photovoltaic solar arrays in its small community northeast of Reno near Pyramid Lake. The arrays are capable of generating up to 487,800 kilowatt hours of electricity per year and will reduce the tribe’s annual electric bill by approximately $72,800.

The tribe will receive a $1,355,000 rebate from NV Energy’s SolarGenerations program to offset costs for 271 kilowatts of solar energy installed by Black Rock Solar, a nonprofit working to help spread the adoption of renewable energy.

According to Black Rock Solar, Nixon, Nev. now has the most solar panels per person than any other community in the United States.
“The cost savings from these projects will definitely increase our ability to provide more services in other areas – language programs, our museum, parks and recreation and elder services. Those are areas we can focus on,” said Pyramid Lake Tribal Council Chairman Mervin Wright. On a sunny day, much of the electricity for the Pyramid Lake High School, Tribal Health Clinic, Police Station, Museum and Visitor Center, and Tribal Headquarters will be generated by the solar arrays, Wright said.

A total of 1,737 solar panels were installed at Nixon by Black Rock Solar during the past few months. The panels were attached to steel racks that are anchored to the ground. At the suggestion of Wacan Waci Blindman, a tribal member who has become a licensed solar installer through working with Black Rock Solar, the 18.8-kilowatt solar array at the museum was configured in the shape of an arrowhead. Simmons said the environmentally friendly projects will produce enough electricity to power up to 48 households, and that they will reduce the Pyramid Tribe’s carbon emissions by 324 tons annually.

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  1. solar lights says:

    I am starting my conservation journey with simple solar lights, but if this project does what the predictions say, we all should be informed and maybe more and more communities will take up the challange.

  2. web design says:

    solar energy not only generate electricity, it helps to reduce the pollution as well, we should have develop a good infrastructure for it

  3. Just jealous to read about such a great development, for smaller countries (like mine) in Europe using of solar energy seems just like an unattainable dream. If we can do it so extensively as you do, definitely that would be great saving on utility payments

  4. I think this was a very nice post. Thanks for the great content. I will take this into consideration. Anthony Hunter

  5. I so love the post itself. I am really into topics like this coz I want to be knowledgeable enough with the benefits of the the solar panels to us and to the environment as well.

  6. gerald says:

    Government should cater rural needs. with solar energy, it is able to provide free energy throughout the year. main concern is about cost and skills.

  7. Once we recycle, we can tremendously reduce power waste.

  8. invisalign says:

    Recycle for the future!! think of our younger generation!

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