Tribes criticism prompts James Cameron to rewrite Avatar sequel

James Cameron, the director of Avatar, hosted a fundraiser for the indigenous Achuar in South America. The Achuar are fighting oil companies for rights to their land, and Camron thought it would be a good idea to invite tribal leaders to a screening of Avatar – because of the environmental message in the film.

But their comments after the film were not what he was expecting and now he has rewritten parts of his planned sequel as a result of the negative remarks.

A tribal elder said: ‘In this movie, they solved their problems by fighting. We are not afraid to fight, but we have decided to solve our problems through dialogue. So this movie needs a better message.’

So Cameron says he will change the film.

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  1. Dan L says:

    I love this. James Cameron is not just entertaining for entertainment sake. He is attempting to get a message out there, and when the message needs to change to be more based in reality rather than what Hollywood might want, he is willing to listen and change. I hope the message/s get heard loud and clear. Too often there are “forgotten” people who get completely overridden and ousted by big corporate interests and movies like Avatar are some people’s only means of hearing this message, or the only medium they will be willing to hear it from.

  2. Luis says:

    And what was Cameron expecting after depicting a risible allegory based on edulcorated topics and evil characters which nothing have to do with reality? Perhaps he thought that the people of those tribes was as much ingenuous as a good amount of occidental people, for whom decorating any mean with the words “freedom” and “equality” is enough to automatically make it politically correct, id est, good.

  3. SEO Berlin says:

    Ich liebe Afrika, besonders Kenia. es ist ein sehr schönes Land … super Artikel, macht weiter so.

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