The Doctrine of Discovery in Chile and Indigenous Peoples

I just completed further research into the usages of the international law of Discovery. I have co-written an article with Associate Dean Lisa Lesage from my school, Lewis & Clark Law School, and with Sebastian Lopez Escarcena from the Pontificia Catolica Universidad de Chile.

I think you will be interested to see how Spain and then the Republic of Chile used the international law of Discovery to acquire, and to justify the acquisition of, sovereign and land claims over the Indigenous peoples who inhabited and still inhabit the lands that are now in modern-day Chile.

You can download for free the abstract and the full-text of the document of the article entitled, The International Law of Discovery, Indigenous Peoples, and Chile


You have to join SSRN (Social Science Research Network) to get the paper but it is free and can be done in about 10 seconds. You can then also research and download articles from more than 148,000 authors who have posted their work on SSRN.

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