China invokes Doctrine of Discovery – plants flag in South China Sea

Reuters news and other sources are reporting that China announced on Thursday that it used a small, manned submarine to plant its national flag deep beneath the South China Sea. Beijing has argued with Washington and Southeast Asian nations over territorial disputes in this area.

The submarine achieved the feat during 17 dives from May to July, when it went as deep as 3,759 metres (12,330 ft) below the South China Sea, the official China News Service said.

China, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan all stake claims to territory in the South China Sea, which holds potentially big energy sources and is a major shipping route. All except Brunei have a military presence in the area, and the boundary claims have sparked naval clashes in the past.

The South China Sea holds valuable fishing grounds and as-yet largely unexploited oil and natural gas fields.

China accused the United States of meddling after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton raised the territorial claims in the sea at a regional forum in July, and said Washington backed a multilateral approach to resolving them.

In late July, Chinese naval forces carried out drills in the disputed southern waters.

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  1. This will be a very interesting issue to watch over the coming years. My question, has the Cold War ever really ended? I think it went into hibernation, but never truly ended. China poses a threat to the world, and I can foresee a Cold War like arms race with China over the next couple of decades, as they pour more and more money into their military.

    It is kind of scary to think about what China is doing with the South China Sea. They are taking an aggressive stance that could force the issue with the rest of the world.

  2. My opinion on this is that it could seem like a wise move. Everybody else is claiming their bit of turf, why not China. They will have to defend it too though.. look at how much of Europe tries to creep over to UK fishing grounds and now the UK aren’t even allowed to fish in parts of their own waters, whereas Spain is. This may seem unrelated but what my point is, is that it seems as though this planet will always be in some kind of territorial struggle.

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