Passamaquoddy fishermen seek fishing rights

It is reported that a confrontation between the U.S. Coast Guard and a fishing boat owned by Passamaquoddy Indians may begin a legal showdown to determine whether the Tribe has fishing rights in federal waters.

Two Eagles, a Passamaquoddy fishing company has been operating a fishing fleet of some 20 boats in federal waters in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Banks. Two Eagles fishermen carry only permits issued by the tribal council. While Passamaquoddy fishermen are allowed access to permits to fish in some Maine state waters, Two Eagles has no federal fishing permits.

In August, a Two Eagles boat was stopped by the U.S. Coast Guard off Nantucket and cited for lacking federal permits and equipment. No fines were levied, according to a report on the incident in the Gloucester Times.

Later that month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sent out a stern letter warning fishermen and dealers that the agency does not recognize Passamaquoddy claims to fish in federal waters. The letter stated that anyone who used tribal permits to fish in federal waters would face legal consequences.

Passamaquoddy Native Americans have long asserted the right to fish in all waters under 18th century treaties signed with the English and American governments. Those treaties supersede more current laws, argued Malsom, including the Magnuson-Stevens Act which governs federal fishing.

The state of Maine and the Passamaquoddy tribe have an agreement in place to allow tribal fishermen to fish in state waters, said George Lapointe, commissioner of the Maine Department of Marine Resources. Under state law, a limited number of licenses are issued by the tribe for lobster and urchin fishing. The arrangement has worked out well, Lapointe said.

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  1. dubai jobs says:

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  2. KANI MOLSOM- the "CROOK" says:

    I am a Native American fisherman and was working with Kani Molsom and 2 Eagles..Kani Molsom had no intentions of useing the leased boats 2 better the people of Sipayik..He and Peter Marion a known crook himself had all intentions of cashing out on the catch right off the top every time the catch was brought in and transported..Their was no reciept or paperwork of the catch provided and an account of where the money was going to, or if it was even being used to benefit 2 Eagles as well.We as workers and co-owners of the company raised questions about it and it was always brought to the side.We asked alot of questions about the money and where the company even stood as far as beggining to end.We busted or behinds and gave it all we could to make things happen and in the end let down by the very man or should I say P***Y that said he was here for the people .Alot of the Native fisherman was stuck being handed pennies for their hard work and the use of their licenses.While others that are not Native were givin tens of thousands of dollars for the same work that we gave and sometimes even better.And that was seen to be okay by the “APPLE” that was all about helping his people.He went on a outing and did S**T for work and still walked away with tens of thousands of dollars and on top of it cashed in on the entire catch worth over $200,000.17,000 pounds of scallops sold at 9-12 dollars a pound adds up.The same with 18,000 pounds of scallops sold at the same price..Where did all this money go to KANI?I know for sure that we as ur Native brothers as you reffered to us never seen a dime or the company and i can prove it.Kani and Peter new all this and did not hesitate to rip off his own people at any chance given.If they had every concern off their own people then why would their be no cost out of their pockets as owners of the company but cost out of the fisherman’s pockets to flip the bill for everything that was brought up?I mean seein how they are so concerned about “HIS” people being on welfare..Kani Molsom collects state money and food stamps and sells his stamp card..I know this because I have bought it from him myself..Why would it be up to the workers to pay for everything and not the owners at all?Why is it that eveytime people needed help while they was not working and we was so called co-owners of this peice of s**t company you or Peter Marion was very quick to turn away?Why we as co-owners and the ones that are doing all the work for any money to be made never givin any of the extra money when you was or Peter Marion?Why is it a problem for the owners to provide reciepts when the workers get paid,why no checks just paid in cash?Why is it the workers are not givin proper housing and food when the company gaurentees all this and then turns around and says its up to the workers to pay for everything and its not the problem of Peter Marion or Kani Molsom?.Their is way to much to point out on why that, shady and corrupt what they are calling a company to be shut down and them being brought up on charges ….I am fighting against them and will see it through that they are brought down and never rip off MY people not his people..Us as Native Americans dont sweat with different races or teach and sell our culture at any cost..But Kani Molsom on the other hand the apple that he is will do so..F**k YOU KANI or should I say JOE SAPIEL…YOUR A F**KING APPLE YOU PEICE OF S**T!!!!!take that to your federal waters and catch it…It just to bad that the ones you hurt the most was your own people and me being your family..I can prove everything that you two was doing that was illegal and I’m pushing it to the max.You told me things yourself laughing about how you hope it works and the Feds dont get involved..This is check that I can cash and have my stub to prove it..Im going to coucil and to the papers so this is your heads up “APPLE”.

  3. orange says:

    whomever wrote the above should first of all go back to grammer school. secondly he has absolutly no clue what Kani has done for his people and no clue how to run a business. I’m sure Two eagles would welcome a full audit.As far as I know there is only one stock holder of two eagles …Kani Malsom. prove me wrong you mooron

  4. pear says:

    say hello to Fred for me ..the real cause of your misery

  5. dustin says:

    strange you say your fighting this but don’t have the balls to identify yourself.

  6. naTive fishermen says:

    Those false statements, the article was writen by Native Harvest, Fred (Moose knuckle) Moore, He is upset because us tribal fishermen will not work for him. Moose has a long history of ripping people off. He doesn’t pay the people that work for him and should be investigated. Ask Moose knuckle about his invester from New Jersey that just went to jail for taxes. Two eagles Inc. employed us tribal members we was working and making money for our families, we still want to still fish for Kani Malsom when they get the racist government to honor our Native fishing rights. As for Moose knuckle, he stoled lobster traps from the Maliseets, took $12000 from a micmac in big cove NB. sold out the mohawks in up state new york. Us Natives know that moose knuckle has endless acounts of ripping fishermen out of thousands of dollars. Two eagles is the greatest thing to happen to us tribal members, Kani Malsom is a good tradional Passamaquody person, F-u moose knuckle for writing such a thing, you have no shame, using your council seat for you own personal issues.

  7. concerned tribal member says:

    I have a question for FRED MOORE, begin with yourself.your the expert at ripping off people and hurting your sack of turd………you should fight yourself, your the devil himself.i hope you start to rot in hell for all the shit you have done for our tribe……………

  8. fisherman says:

    I work for two eagls, If it wasn’t for kani malsom and his company, I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family. I think the Fred (Moose knuckle) Moose ripping Native people all over the North east. For example, Maliseet’s from St. Marry’s NB. had their traps stolen from Moose knuckle. this Mic-mac from Big cove had his life savings stolen from him from Mooose,He promisse him to make thousands of dollars to Invest in Native Harvest. The Mohawks are looking for Moose knuckle for selling them out, many many white fishermen Moose ripped them out of their monies.

  9. orange says:

    what is the name of Moores investor in N.j. that went to jail for taxes. was Moore involved ?

  10. orange says:

    the time Fred Moore served in Jail ..was that for non payment of child support ?

  11. concerned says:

    wasn’t aware Moore went to prison ..does anyone know what for?

  12. They have the rights to fish in all waters under 18th century treaties signed with the English and American governments. Thank you for the information.

  13. Well, Two Eagles have state rights to fish with out state permits. But, leave it up to the Federal Government say, “No, you can’t fish in Federal Waters without federal permits and equipment”. Great…go get them Two Eagles!

  14. Kurt says:

    You can’t envision how long it needed me to locate your website and this handy information and facts. Looking forward to discover more articles such as this. Have a very great day.

  15. utilities says:

    The government has been screwing the native people for hundreds of years. What makes you think it would change now.

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