Tribes missing out on employment opportunity

An op/ed piece in Indian County Today states that tribes are “not enforcing, or having their Tribal Employment Rights Offices [TERO] enforce Indian preference with regard to any contract for procurement of goods and services purchased by their casino, resort, hotel or retail establishments, [and] are forgoing an opportunity to create thousands of jobs for their people. They are also forgoing the opportunity for training and apprentice positions by not requiring their business entities to adhere to Indian preference.”

The author recently attended a PACT Procurement Conference at the Tulalip reservation in Washington and found one session in particular that caught his interest. “One TERO director discussed opportunities through not only union apprentice programs but also through TERO “compliance plans” for employment and apprenticeships. These plans require contractors working on, or primarily on, reservations to hire a certain number of Indian preference workers and to subcontract with available Indian- owned or majority owned firms, especially local firms owned by tribal members.”

One TERO director said that his tribe gives preference to Indian owned procurement sources for goods and services.

Get the whole story: Tribes missing opportunity for thousands of jobs (Indian Country Today 9/24)

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