More American Indian aid to local communities

The press reports another example of an Oklahoma Indian tribe making a significant contribution toward a critical public service. In fact, the paper states that in this situation the contribution was so significant it likely is keeping the services in operation.

“The Cherokee Nation recently contributed more than $305,000 to 127 rural fire departments in northeastern Oklahoma, continuing a pattern begun about five years ago.

In the five years since the tribe has been aiding the rural services, it has contributed more than $1.4 million to those departments. The rural fire services operate within the tribe’s 14-county boundaries.

. . . Oklahoma’s Indian tribes have on numerous occasions in recent years helped out when state funding was insufficient. Among the top recipients of tribal contributions have been health care, education and transportation. Some tribes also help augment law enforcement activities in some areas.

State and local relationships with tribes have been anything but ideal in the past, but there are indications
that is changing. Tribes are among the state’s biggest employers, thanks largely to the growth in casino operations, and those operations also have helped boost tribal treasuries.”

Read more from the Tulsa World article.

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