Episcopal Church in Portland gathering to address the Doctrine of Discovery

In 2009, at its 76th General Conference in California, the entire Episcopal Church passed a resolution repudiating the Doctrine. I wrote an op/ed piece about that event.

I will be speaking on this subject at University of Oregon at 6 pm on Monday Oct. 11 as part of an “anti” Columbus Day event.

The Portland Oregonian reports today on the efforts of a local Episcopal Church to address the Doctrine of Discovery.

“On the eve of Columbus Day, when some Americans will remember the Italian explorer kindly and others won’t, the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon is calling attention to the Doctrine of Discovery, the philosophy that fueled European claims to the riches of the New World without regard for the indigenous people who already lived there.

At its 2009 General Convention, the Episcopal Church voted overwhelmingly to repudiate the doctrine and called for its elimination from “contemporary policies, programs and structures.” In Portland, the Rev. Albert Krueger, First Nations missioner and vicar of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in North Portland, is organizing a gathering Sunday so people can learn more about the doctrine and its implications globally and here in Oregon. . . .

Since Krueger became the First Nations missioner in 2004, he’s developed relationships with a number of groups representing Native people, including the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, the Oregon Native American Chamber and the Earth and Spirit Council. In an interview, Krueger talked about the importance of the diocese’s First Nations Commission and the national church’s repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery. . . .”

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