Iowa congressman accused of voting against Indian law and order

An Iowa congressman is the target of protests by some Native Americans. Protesters want to know why Republican Steve King voted against the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 that helps prosecute non-natives who commit crimes on tribal lands.

On Friday protestors wrote demanded answers from King, but he had little to say about the issue except to claim that the protest “is completely a campaign stunt.” King would not answer, howerver, why he voted against the law.

Studies show that one in three Native American women will be raped in their lifetime and suffer domestic violence in far disproportionate numbers than non-Indian women. Other studies show that the perpetrators of these crime are 85% of the time non-Indians. Consequently, since tribal governments are prevented from prosecuting non-Indians, much of this crime goes unpunished.

“This is a very big issue. There are many untold stories out there. There are many women, there are many people in general, many Native American people that have been able to tell their story,” said Deena Baker, a Native American.

“Mr. King has put us in harm’s way. As women, we are very much in distress, and feel very unsafe at this time in Fifth District under the leadership of Mr. Steve King,” said Native American Susan Barta. don’t even know what law they’re talking about,” said King.

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