Illegal "pothunting" still occurring

The television news in Arizona reports that archaeologists are hunting grave robbers who are looting Arizona’s and America’s historic ruins at an alarming rate.

“What they’re doing out here is disrupting and in most cases destroying human remains while they’re seeking out pots to sell,” said Scott Wood, an archaeologist for the Tonto National Forest.

The CBS News team visited the scene of one of the recent lootings – the Mud Springs Ruins – which were inhabited by the people known as the Hohokam 700 years ago.

Recent high profile prosecutions of pot hunters in the Four Corners region led to two suicides by defendants but once again very little jail time for convicted offenders.

Many Americans think that looting archaeological remains of American Indian cultures is somehow their right and their opportunity to make money. These activities are illegal under federal and many state laws and hurt all Americans.

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