What did Columbus really discover first?

The news is reporting recent research that shows that Indigenous peoples of North America visited Europe five centuries before Columbus “discovered” the New World. (Check out another news report on Nov. 18.)

I guess American Indians own Europe then under the Doctrine of Discovery?

The news reports states that Christopher Columbus did not introduce the first native Americans to Europe when he brought native people from the Caribbean to the Spanish Court in 1493.

According to new research, scientists who have studied the genetic past of an Icelandic family claim the first Americans reached Europe a full five centuries before Columbus bumped into an island in the Bahamas in 1492.

Researchers said today that a woman from the Americas probably arrived in Iceland 1,000 years ago and left behind genes that are reflected in about 80 Icelanders today.

The link was first detected among inhabitants of Iceland, home to one of the most thorough gene-mapping programs in the world, several years ago. Initial suggestions that the genes may have arrived via Asia were ruled out after samples showed they had been in Iceland since the early 18th century, before Asian genes began appearing among Icelanders.

The genetic research, made public by Spain’s Centre for Scientific Research, is due to be published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

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