Hopi Tribe approves reopening Homolovi Ruins State Historical Park

On November 11, the Hopi Tribal Council approved keeping the Homolovi Ruins State Historic Park open, and providing safeguards and protection of the cultural and religious site.

The Tribe also agreed to enter an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona State Parks Board to assist in the operation and maintenance of the park.

The agreement allows the park to remain open thanks to the Hopi Tribe’s contribution to employ park rangers and others at the park.

According to the agreement, the park would be open and operated by State Parks for 12 months. There is an option to renew the agreement for two additional one-year periods. The tribe will provide $175,000 to subsidize the park operations.

The Hopi Tribe was worried that pot hunters would again desecrate its ancient homelands. Thus, Hopi began discussions with state park representatives and others to formulate a plan to keep the park open and protect and preserve its homelands and cultural heritage.

The state’s budget deficit threatened funding for 19 of the state’s 28 parks. It is estimated that the budget for the state parks was reduced from $28 million a few years ago to $18 million, this was an effort by state lawmakers to tackle the budget deficit.

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