Iroquois Confederacy should thank Shawnee Nation

Doug George-Kanentiio writes in an opinion piece on that the Iroquois Confederacy should thank the Shawnee for the treaty between the Confederacy and the United States in 1794.

He claims the treaty between the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Iroquois) is the one and only legitimate treaty entered into between the Confederacy and the U.S. and that the treaty committed the U.S. to respect the sovereign status of the Confederacy and to respect its territories.

He claims that without the Shawnee Nation, the treaty would not have happened.

Read the entire opinion piece.

He states that colonial leaders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Adams family of Boston, Robert Morris, Ben Franklin and Patrick Henry were all deeply involved in speculation with buying Indian lands in violation of British policy and were actually involved in land scams.

“Their decision to oppose the Crown was largely based upon their need to make profits at the Indian expense. When they felt the need they even caused frontier wars in which thousands of settlers and Indians died.”

He states that “The Shawnees were not about to leave their ancestral territory without a fight. Under the leadership of Blue Jacket and Little Turtle they organized the native nations in that area and defied the US to take their land.”

The Iroquois signed the treaty of 1794 and did not join the Shawnee in violent resistance. But the writer states that “Tecumseh would not forget this bitter lesson. For the rest of his life he used his skills as a leader to re-create Blue Jacket’s confederacy of nations, knowing that armed resistance was the only way to keep the Americans at bay.”

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