Rush Limbaugh attacks American Indians?

The Huffington Post reports that Rush Limbaugh criticized President Barack Obama’s Thanksgiving Day proclamation and what he said about American Indians. (You can listen to the 9 minute Limbaugh rant on this subject with a link at the Huffington Post.)

Apparently, Limbaugh criticized Native Americans by saying people should look at the “scoreboard” of the number of people killed since European settlers arrived, and insisting that “a bunch of Native Americans scammed us” in the deal to purchase Manhattan.

Limbaugh interprets President Obama’s as saying that “We were the invaders. The Indians are minding their own business.”

Limbaugh then made a joke about Obama stating that the “rich [Native] culture continues to add to our Nation’s heritage” by saying its “at their casinos and on their reservations.”

For some reason he also seemed to attack Indians for the deaths of American due to smoking and lung cancer when he said “thanks to the Indian-invented custom of smoking tobacco,” and asked “Where are our reparations?”

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