Native Americans in prison

The Prison law blog reports something that is worth noting on this blog: the disproportionate number of Native
Americans incarcerated in the United States.

The blog states that basically every state with a significant native population has an enormous disparity in incarceration rates for Natives. The blog gives links to charts showing how Native Americans are overrepresented in prison systems in Hawaii, Alaska, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Colorado, Idaho?, Vermont, Iowa, and Michigan.

The blog also notes the statistics for Montana: Native Americans are 6% of the Montana population but more than 20% of the incarcerated people in the state are Native Americans. Native women comprise 6% of the total of Montana women, but they are 32% of the incarcerated women in the state.

These statistics represent the same story that most minority groups in the United States suffer from: raised in substandard conditions for health, economic benefits, and education.

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  1. Lucyinct says:

    I believe this is true, and I have noticed how many are arrested under mysterious conditions,found guilty without sufficient proof, sent to prison for long term, and many die mysteriously in thew hands of their captors. Most recently AJ Longsoldier in MOntana(Montana is amongst the most hostile to Native Americans,) for no aparent reason , other than blatant racism. Hill County is very bad. The Govt. people work with prisons and Police to destroy Native Americans.

  2. Wow, these numbers are staggering.

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