Mountain States Legal Foundation Accused of ‘Anti-American Indian’ Practices

Tribal groups are accusing a Colorada public interest nonprofit of anti-American Indian practices following a recent court ruling involving voting rights in Wyoming.

According to the press story on this issue, attorneys for the Mountain States Legal Foundation have defended Fremont County Wyoming pro bono in a voting rights case since 2005. They are appealling a federal bench ruling issued April by U.S. District Judge Alan Johnson that said Fremont County’s at-large elections for commissioners violated the Voting Rights Act by diluting the Native American vote.

Plaintiff Patricia Bergie of the Eastern Shoshone Tribal Council accused Mountain States’ appeal of “trying to make sure that our voice isn’t heard, and trying to make sure that we don’t have any weight in the county.”

Judge Johnson which cited multiple instances of racism in Fremont County throughout history, and ordered the county to establish five commission districts and to remove at-large elections to ensure the election of an Indian commissioner, as one of the county’s five districts is centered on an Indian reservation.

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