More violence in Rapa Nui (Easter Island Chile)

I received this email and a link to a youtube video today.

“So the police did not attack last night or today, that is
good. Yesterday they dislocated the Tuko Tuki clan ocuppying a
“government house” in the center and now they are looking for reason
to enter and dislocate the other families from their lands.

They are trying to criminalize the Hito family in order to dislodge
them from the hotel, even though a court in Valpariso found that since
there is a question as to who is the rightful owners of the hotel
therefore the Schiess cannot maintain a claim of criminal trespass.

And another plane filled of police arrived last night at 2am… so we
are all on high alert.

However, as you can see the news got out fast and internationally, so
as of now all of the police that have arrived and those who are giving
the orders to attack are all in hiding.

A Chilean Senator, Juan Pablo Letelier, who works specifically with
international human rights, came today to do an investigation of
everything, and indeed is finding the police to be in the wrong.

The Chilean press reported the wrong numbered of injured people –
there are 24 injured Rapanui 17 went to the hospital and only one
police officer went to the hospital. The Chileans have been claiming
more policemen were injured, but there is no official report of that.”

Here’s the link to the video

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0 Responses to More violence in Rapa Nui (Easter Island Chile)

  1. Richard Monette says:

    Sounds like being indigenous in Chile is more dangerous than being a miner.

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