Seneca Nation President Has Big Ideas

A New York newspaper reports on the major ideas the new Seneca nation Robert Odawi Porter is considering (he is a law professor at Syracuse University law school.)

The paper reports that Porter was elected with the pledge to fight aggressively all threats to the Seneca Nation’s sovereignty, and that during his presidency issues that have long been dead weights sapping the Senecas’ attention and energy may finally be moved to resolution.

Porter states that his term of office will present challenges: “Whether it be private lawsuits to stop our casino construction in Buffalo, the Congress targeting Seneca mail-order businesses, New York state efforts to tax our territory commerce and violate our treaty rights or federal agencies trying to interfere with our internal self-governance, the nation is experiencing multiple attacks on our very existence like we haven’t seen in over 200 years.”

The article stated that Porter brought into office a group of like-minded, highly educated Senecas to create growth and prosperity for the Senecas. ”Despite all the challenges that face the nation, I continue to be inspired by the opportunities that lie ahead. We are a strong and vibrant people who have survived repeated efforts to extinguish us. Our responsibilities have grown, our people have gratefully come back into some degree of prosperity, and we have to keep that going …” Porter has said.

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