English paper says Indigenous voices on climate change are gathering strength

The Guardian paper reports that thousands of Indigenous peoples from Latin America and the world marched in Cancun Mexican calling for the UN negotiators at the climate talks to make progress in tackling climate change.

The report claims that until today’s march, their voices have been only whisper.

Despite the impacts on Indigenous peoples from climate change, such as Native American and Inuit communities, they are not represented at the UN climate talks.

Over the weekend, Carlos Mumani, leader of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, said that the protests were only part of what they had planned during this final week. They have proposals and they want them to be considered by the negotiators in a constructive dialogue.

Juan Carlos Jintiach, co-ordinator for the group Co-operation in Economic and International Development for Indigenous people is clear that thse are critical moments, but it is hard for Indigenous groups to cut through the ongoing country-to-country debate.

Peruvian Miguel Palacin, co-ordinator for the Indigenous Organisation in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, went so far as to say that their experience of living with nature means that they will manage to survive the changing climate – but those cushioned in western civilisation will find it harder.

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