New film sheds light on Mato Paha (Bear Butte) controversy

The press reports that Mark St. Pierre has released a film entitled “Mato Paha: Rally to Protect Bear Butte.” The film records the struggle for religious rights of the sacred mountain against developers.

Thirty Lakota and Cheyenne tribes, as well as other Native Americans from around the world, travel to Bear Butte, South Dakota for religious purposes. Bear Butte has been recognized as Lakota territory since the 1851 treaty. And the tribes who call it home believed Congress could not confiscate the area from them.

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  1. Eugene says:

    My wife, Shusli, and I went out there some four and a half years ago to protest the building of a bar right next to the site. We met a lot of wonderful people there, and there was much disappointment amongst the young men when the bar was given the go ahead. The elders, Alex White Plume amongst them, said to be patient, and eventually, a year or so later, the fella who was building the bar ran into all sorts of financial problems and couldn’t build the thing.

    Recently we read on Inter Continental Cry that some corporation wants to drill for oil near Bear Butte. I think it is fascinating how many folks cannot see the sacredness of anything but money.

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