Newspaper claims demand for Indian artifacts is down

The Salt Lake Tribune claims today that the federal prosecutions in the Four Corners areas has driven down demand for American Indian artifacts

The article states in part: “There is a reason people dig up artifacts in places such as southern Utah’s Ancestral Puebloan ruins, target of a 2009 crackdown on looting from public lands. American Indian relics are big business in metropolitan America, Europe and beyond, often fetching thousands of dollars per piece at auction houses. Anasazi art is just a tiny potsherd in the puzzle, but it draws intense interest from history buffs.

It’s perfectly legal if the items come from private lands or from private collections predating federal antiquities law. Still, buyers at auction candidly say that they are worn down by government scrutiny and aren’t so keen on Ancestral Puebloan pieces. Ancient Southwestern pottery is still for sale and certified legal, but many say they don’t want to invite a hassle.”

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