Tribal economic development online

American Indian tribes across the country were awarded more than $100 million in federal stimulus funds as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The newly launched Tribal Economic Development Forum is one of the initiatives that came out of that funding.

The Forum is an online group of tribes that will have the ability to come together to freely discuss issues, ask questions and get answers about grant and loan funding, and other economic development opportunities.

The forum is open only to tribes, and is moderated by Karen Twenhafel and Brandi Jones. Twenhafel is the president of Twin Houses Consulting, a firm dedicated to economic development projects in Indian country. Jones is a grant consultant and citizen of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska.

Subscription terms for forum membership include six month, one year, and three year terms, and rates start at $100.

Contact Jones at or Twenhafel at

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  1. This is an excellent effort. Native Americans deserve and have right on America more than anyone else and their economic development should be the first priority of the government.

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