The melting Arctic – reported threats to Indigenous lands and cultures

This article compiles several examples of threats arising from global warming and climate change on Indigenous peoples around the world. It also contains links to various other resources you can check out.

In short, the article states that temperature averages for December 2010 in Iqaluit have soared above previous records to date for warmth and that this is not an isolated exampl because “the bigger picture reveals a consistent trend in Arctic warming.” The articles cites 2008 and 2010 reports from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It also claims that climate change is having and will continue to have devastating effects on the Indigenous peoples in the polar regions such as the Inuit, the Saami, the Komi, the Yakut, the Nenets, the Samoyed, the Altaic, the Buryat, etc.

An interesting claim by the author is that various countries and corporations might view the warming Arctic as a political and commercial advantage and cites the 2010 article Arctic politics are getting warmer: a new scramble for territory?

The article also provides links to various videos of the Saami and other Arctic Peoples describing how climate change is affecting their traditional/Indigenous way of life.

–Saami Youth on Climate Change:

–Search for oil threatens Arctic way of life:

–Indigenous way of life under threat in Russia’s arctic:

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  1. Global warming is a major threat to humanity. The average temperature of the Polar region especially the Arctic belt is constantly rising. hence it is leading to the melting of ice in those areas. The sea level is constantly rising and will led to the submerging of the low lying land in different coastal region.

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