Catholic church (in the Philippines?) apologizes to Indigenous peoples??

I guess I missed this at the time, but in October a TV news program claims the Church asked Indigenous peoples for forgiveness for its “sins.”

“Citing the “sins” it committed against tribal communities, the Catholic Church begged for forgiveness from the indigenous peoples (IP) and pledged to do everything possible to protect them.

The Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said the church apologizes for having disrespected other cultures in the past through acts such as the colonization of native peoples.”

The apology by Bishop Sergio Utleg, the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples chairman, was printed in an article on the CBCP news site.

Utleg apologized for the Church entering native communities “from a position of power, indifferent to their struggles and pains.”

“We ask forgiveness for moments when we taught Christianity as a religion robbed with colonial cultural superiority, instead of sharing it as a religion that calls for a relationship with God and a way of life,” he said.

Read more about the rituals and cermonial gift exchanges that occurred.

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  1. That is really strange. Usually we are going to church to ask for forgiveness. However the Church is hiding alot.

    Most things are hidden from the public. The strange thing is that they have been hidden for years. The pope knows alot and many priests as well.

    It is normal to make mistakes we all do that but learn to say sorry as soon as possible and not many years later. Sometimes even 20 years.

  2. Tenasimia says:

    I missed this as well. But, better late than never. It took some courageous Bishops who’s hearts nu-doubtingly were hunted by the Holy Spirit, to the point of confession for their own personal peace. Sad to say the hearts of the leadership above them are too heard and prideful to repent and ask forgiveness. I have seen God working in the Catholic church with great reform. My respect and prayers are with those who discover the truth and remain in their church to reach others. God will surely bless them. The first and hardest step has happened, now we wait to see what kind of restitution is offered. I am so thankful and have great respect for these brave Godly men.

  3. rickmahalkita says:

    The Spanish Government in cooperation with The Pope, Conquered the Philippines, like they did with many Central American countries, including Mexico.

    The deal was The King of Spain would Split all the Gold, and silver and precious stones found with The Pope. They actually forced The Catholic Religion upon the ignorant natives in these lands. They basically traded the stone and wooden idols the natives were worshipping, and gave them Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus (Sto. Nino).They brought their false worship of The Lord upon these then, ignorant people and the annual traditions still roll on in 2013….492 years later. The Lord is not happy that people worship him in falsehood. John 4 v 24…God is a Spirit, and those who worship him MUST WORSHIP Him in Spirit and IN TRUTH. My wife of 29 years is a Filipina from the Vissayans I love these people enough to reach out to them and teach them the truth. And yes, I am a former Catholic as well.

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