Uranium mining in the Grand Canyon!!??

I just received an email with news that somehow I missed in January 2010.

Apparently, the news reported back then that Dennison, a Canadian company, had started uranium mining under some kind of international agreement on the north side of the Grand Canyon. This action was opposed by native peoples in the region and was allegedly counter to the Department of Interior’s policy to put a hold on uranium mining.

According to the email I received today, a subscription news service, the Land Letter, issued a report today by Scott Streater that states: “Sporting and hunting groups are joining a chorus of environmentalists in urging Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to keep uranium mining away from Grand Canyon National Park.”

Allegedly, the Arizona Deer Association, Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife, Arizona Elk Society, Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited, Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter, Center for Biological Diversity in Flagstaff, Arizona, were named among the organizations opposing this mining.

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  1. Ahni says:

    Hey Bob. I’m not too sure about the international agreement, but there’s actually four U mines around the Grand canyon. But only one, Dennison’s “Arizona 1” mine, is active.

    Also, I think it’s important to note that Arizona 1 is on Havasupai land — and it’s dangerously close to one of their sacred sites.

    For more info, see:




  2. John says:

    I dont accept to using uranium for power production and army purpose.Now most of countries are thinking to product power by using natural resources..You know Japan has heavily affected by fukushima atomic plant..

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