Praise for "Native America, Discovered and Conquered"

My book, Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny, has been used in over 20 colleges in the past few years.

Professor Robert Perez of University of California Riverside has used the book several times in undergraduate and graduate courses.

He recently emailed me his impressions of my book and those of his students.

He wrote me: “I really think that Native America Discovered and Conquered is one of the most important books written in the last couple of decades and I’ve rarely seen a book have such a profound and immediate impact on students.”

He is currently using my book in a graduate seminar on research methodologies. His graduate students are concentrating on a variety of subjects including American Indians, Native Hawaiians, Central America, Mexican Americans, and African Americans.

Professor Perez wrote: “all of them felt that the book was very important and something that they will incorporate into their dissertations in various ways. . . . they had nothing but praise for the book and they echo my sentiments that it is one of the most valuable and important books that they’ve ever read. They wanted me to convey their appreciation to you and to let you know how influential your work is across disciplines.”

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0 Responses to Praise for "Native America, Discovered and Conquered"

  1. Dorian Brooks says:

    Praise well deserved – congratulations!


  2. Sy Reeves says:

    I wrote the below poem, entitled “Title Manifest”, after reading an article you had written on Manifest Destiny and the ‘Discovery Doctrine’…I guess I was inspired. I love God and His Son, Jesus Christ, so I hope the personal faith-filled notion of it all causes no offense. 🙂

    There was a thought long-ago-born, over a century ago adorned
    Entitled destiny’s choice – one multitude’s unified voice
    Extending west the intention – cunningly called sovereign intervention
    Trail of tears through the chest of a land now oppressed

    Yet, long before this notion, a man evoked great emotion
    With a doctrine -not of love- though “divinely inspired” from above
    Enshrining a law above others that justified ruling over brothers
    Not only by power’s brand but by the “discovering” of their land

    This deceptively made just the nations’ insatiable lust
    To lord over more sands in the name of higher plans
    Yet the reality remains the same – That forever men’s names
    Have sought after domination – That unquenchable sensation

    Though man has always twisted a truth God Himself insisted
    It must undoubtedly be known that another Seed was forever sown
    One growing great in expanse like the mustard tree’s branch
    Housing the birds of the air, reconciling to hope all despair

    A new kingdom and new covenant, a promise land with love in it
    Ruled by the only Son, by His own blood becoming ransom
    Showing Himself for all to see, placed above all authority
    Righteousness and peace, with His own name on the lease

    Still evil has sought to advance its own kingdom at any chance
    But the Lord foreordained a better way to make known His name
    And though God has let idle man’s conventions to claim title
    He sealed the borders of His land by the Son of Man, His Right Hand

    The coined phrase once intended for a nation’s endeavors defended
    Should rather forever pertain to a people truly bearing His name
    For the Lord will expand, furthering the reach of Love’s hand
    Into hearts He’s shown the evidence, entire lives become His residence

    So I speak for myself when I declare that all of my wealth
    Is in His kingdom that I’m a part of, upon my life rests that same dove
    Let it then be clearly known, what is now manifest and shown
    That this destiny is now reality, and my heart’s land belongs to Thee

  3. Sy Reeves says:

    Please accept my apologies for the previous posted comment, as it is not directly relevant to the above titled book…I was attempting to share it directly with Professor Miller (I suppose I am lacking in blog savvy) – I should have just emailed him directly rather than leaving a comment under this particular blog post.

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