Mining company asks shareholders to ignore international consensus

A press release from MiningWatch Canada alleges that Goldcorp Company is ignoring calls from every major human rights body to suspend operation of the Marlin mine in Guatemala.

At its Annual General meeting on Wednesday, Goldcorp management asked its shareholders to trust its judgment instead. Six percent of shareholders voted in favour of a resolution to bring Goldcorp into compliance with international law, including an order by the Organization of American States Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) issued in May 2010.

Goldcorp CEO, Charles Jeannes, defended his company, citing its support for a new measure to regulate consultation of indigenous peoples in Guatemala.

But an attorney with the Rigoberto Menchú Tum Foundation in Guatemala City stated: “Indigenous organizations in Guatemala have roundly condemned the proposed administrative decree to regulate consultation. . . . The government has put forward the decree to ensure that mining is able to continue in the face of over 50 local plebiscites in which roughly a million people have voted against mining in the Guatemalan countryside.”

Vice President of Corporate Affairs David Deisley argued against voluntary implementation of the IACHR recommendations, saying that affected communities or civil society organizations concerned about Goldcorp’s operations should enter into dialogue with the company.

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