Peru moving to abolish uncontacted tribes reserve

Survival International reports that Peru is jeopardizing the survival of an uncontacted tribe that apparently just came to world notice in February, and other uncontacted tribes. The Peruvian government plans to abolish a reserve that protects the territory where several of these tribes are located.?

The Murunahua reserve in Peru protects several bands of uncontacted Indians, but it has been invaded by illegal loggers in recent years. ?

Peru’s government said it would work with the Brazilian authorities to protect this area that overlaps their borders. But now Peru’s Indian Affairs Department is planning to abolish the Murunahua reserve completely – because it ‘does not believe there are uncontacted tribes living there.’?

INDEPA’s move coincides with an investigation by US organization the Upper Amazon Conservancy (UAC), proving the Murunahua reserve is still the target of widespread illegal logging despite repeated government promises to protect it. ??

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