American Indians and homosexuality

Many American Indian tribes and communities have a history of fully accepting their gay and transgendered citizens. The Coquille Tribe in Oregon, in fact, enacted a tribal ordinance allowing same sex marriages a few years ago.

But, just as in the United States at large, there is a wide diversity of opinion surrounding these issues. Some tribes have outlawed gay marriage or taken positions opposing it, for example.

Check out the opening paragraph of this recent article in This Week From Indian Country Today –

“A growing body of scholarly work shows that many American Indian tribes had a place for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT) members in their culture and ceremonies. Like many Native traditions, this acceptance was lost when the dominant society drummed traditional tribal beliefs out of a generation of Indians and replaced them with Christian values. From that time on, most Indians started treating their GLBT tribal members the same way white culture treated them—as second-class citizens who had to keep their sexuality in the shadows. However, over the past two decades there have been great strides in restoring the traditional way Native gay people were perceived through the two-spirit movement.”

Read more.

You can get more information on these issues at the web page of the Northeast Two Spirit Society.

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  1. Tin says:

    I hope the time will come that everyone has equal rights, no matter what the gender is.,,

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