The 1491 Diet?

What is the hot new diet in Indian Country?

According to This Week from Indian Country it’s a diet based on what Indian peoples and nations ate before the arrival of Europeans.

The article states in part: “A growing number of American Indian tribes are focusing on food sovereignty to re-establish their traditional agricultural practices and restore cultural meaning to the food they eat. The movement to control tribal food systems in ways that are relevant to tribal people is especially important because of escalating rates of diabetes and hypertension among American Indians. . . . “The basis of food sovereignty is the power to decide for ourselves what stories we want to tell into the future. The conversation about food is never a separate piece,” says Brett Ramey, Ioway. . . .

Ramey, community health outreach educator, Center for American Indian Community Health, lives on his tribe’s reservation in White Cloud, Kansas . . . he worked on similar food issues in Arizona where health programs, like those in many regions throughout the U.S., are increasingly concerned with food. This year, for example, the American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance (AIHREA) pow wow sidelined fry bread and Indian tacos in favor of roasted corn and buffalo burgers, shifting the emphasis to cultural foods and traditional meaning that are also healthful.”

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