Mapuches and Chile

Mario Salazar, a self-professed 21st Century Pacifist and bleeding heart liberal writes in the Washington Times about the Mapuche people and Chile.

He recounts his visit to the city of Concepción Chile, founded in 1550.

He talks about the the war against the Mapuches, and the fact that they formed an independent sovereign nation on the southern border of Chile for over 300 years.

He states: “The Spanish came to the new world with clear goals. They came to possess lands and riches in the name of the king, and to disseminate the Catholic religion among the native tribes. . . .

Typical of the rhetoric used during the conflict is an example of a speech given in Argentina by a top, “liberal”, intellectual, Argentina Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. He was president of Argentina (1868 – 1874) during the campaign against the Mapuche. He addressed his enemies as “asquerosos” a word that doesn’t have a direct English translation but comes close to “dirty animals”. He also called for hanging them wherever they appeared. He didn’t see any reason to pity them and was himself partially responsible for the frequent omission of any mention of the Mapuche nation in history books thereafter.” Read more.

If you want to read about how Spain and Chile used the international law of colonialism, the Doctrine of Discovery, you can download for free these articles that I co-authored by clicking on the links:

Brazil, Indigenous Peoples, and the International Law of Discovery, 37 Brooklyn Journal of International Law __ (2011):

The International Law of Discovery, Indigenous Peoples, and Chile, 89 Nebraska Law Review __ (2011): (this article will also be published in Spanish by Valpariso University).

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