Onondaga County lawmakers approve non-binding support for transfering land to Onondaga Nation

Onondaga County lawmakers approved today a non-binding resolution supporting the eventual transfer of a 36-acre piece of Onondaga Lake shoreline in Syracuse New York to the Onondaga Nation.

The Legislature voted 11-8 in support of the Murphy’s Island resolution.

Lawmakers acted after weeks of lobbying by Syracuse businessman Lloyd Withers, who proposed the resolution to recognize the Onondaga Nation’s “sacred interest” in the lake and the historically significant events that have occurred on its shores. But it’s not likely that the land will be transferred anytime soon. The land is heavily polluted with industrial waste, and physical access to the property is limited.

Last week, Tadodaho Sid Hill, the spiritual leader of the Onondaga Nation, said that the Onondaga would refuse the transfer of the land if it remained in the condition that it is now.

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