Oneida Indian Nation film on its role in US Revolutionary War

The New York Times reports that the Oneida Indian Nation and its Nation Enterprises is investing $10 million in an independent film production, “First Allies,” that is expected to begin shooting in central New York this fall.

Ray Halbritter, Nation representative and CEO, explained his Nation’s reasons for the movie about the tribe and its alliance with American colonists during the Revolutionary War.

Halbritter said it is both profit-driven and the fact that the Oneidas are also looking for something more effective than traditional storytelling to bridge the gap between the Nation and the non-Indian world.

“First Allies” is meant to remind America that the Oneidas, at a considerable cost, helped give birth to the United States by fighting alongside the colonists. “They were very close to George Washington,” Halbritter stated about his Oneida ancestors.

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