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New article on the international law Doctrine of Discovery

I posted yesterday my 105 page working paper entitled “The International Law of Colonialism: A Comparative Analysis. It will be published by Lewis & Clark Law Review. You can download the article for free by clicking on this link. I … Continue reading

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Parody – Native Americans Buy California – Indian Land Rush Begins

Someone sent me this interesting joke. “United Native Americans (UNA) are proud to announce that it has bought the state of California from the whites and is throwing it open to Indian settlement. UNA bought California from three winos found … Continue reading

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Maori language at risk in New Zealand

It is troubling to hear that the Maori language is at risk of dying out. Maoris make up something like 15% of the population of New Zealand and I believe that the language was nearly the same for all tribes … Continue reading

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A right to fresh water?

The Toronto Globe and Mail published recently an opinion piece by Maude Barlow the national chair of the Council of Canadians and author of Our Right to Water about an action the United Nations General Assembly took one year ago … Continue reading

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Climate changes a harsh reality for many Native Americans

The Internet Press Service reports that an Inupiaq village on an island north of the Bering Strait is seeing its way of life gradually disappear due to higher temperatures, rising sea levels, declining numbers of sea animals, and shrinking shorelines … Continue reading

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Washington state develops tribal sovereignty curriculum

The Washington state education system is developing class room materials on tribal sovereignty and a curriculum for teachers to use. Check out “Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State.” For example, one of the units is entitled “The … Continue reading

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Canadian court upholds First Nations fishing rights

The British Columbia Supreme Court on May 18th upheld a lower court decision that the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations have the aboriginal right to fish any species of fish within their traditional territories. They also have the right to sell the … Continue reading

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