New article on the international law Doctrine of Discovery

I posted yesterday my 105 page working paper entitled “The International Law of Colonialism: A Comparative Analysis. It will be published by Lewis & Clark Law Review.

You can download the article for free by clicking on this link.

I have written five other law review articles on this subject and have written one book from 2006 and co-authored a 2010 book published by Oxford University Press on the topic.

Here is the abstract for my newest article:

The majority of the non-European world was colonized under an international law that is known as the Doctrine of Discovery. Under this legal principle, European countries claimed superior rights over Indigenous nations. When European explorers planted flags and crosses in the lands of native peoples, they were making legal claims of ownership and domination over the lands, assets, and peoples they had “discovered.” These claims were justified by racial, ethnocentric, and religious ideas of the alleged superiority of European Christians. This Article examines the application of Discovery by Spain, Portugal, and England in the settler societies of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, and the United States. The comparative law analysis used in this Article demonstrates that these three colonizing countries applied the elements of the Doctrine in nearly identical ways against Indigenous peoples. Furthermore, the six settler societies analyzed here continue to apply this law today to restrict the human, property, and sovereign rights of Indigenous nations and peoples. This Article concludes that basic fairness and a restoration of the self-determination rights of Indigenous peoples mandates that these countries work to remove the vestiges of the Doctrine of Discovery from their modern day laws and policies.

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3 Responses to New article on the international law Doctrine of Discovery

  1. Cates Law says:

    Looks like a good read – will download asap.

  2. Valerie for Clifford Allen says:

    Mr. Miller: Forwarded a copy to Dad for a quick read.. He was so eager, he drove down right after I called him this a.m. I also look forward to reading your work but not as speedy as Dad when it comes to reviewing. Good luck with this and take care!

    Valerie Allen-Olaizola

  3. Ariel says:

    I understand that the Pan-Patagonian Mapuche Nation still claim the sovereign right to wage war against the Nation of Chile.

    Your work sounds like interesting reading.

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