Three Affiliated Tribes developing oil industry

Chairman Tex G. Hall writes in Indian Country Today that his tribe, The Three Affiliated Tribes of the Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara Nations, is building an oil refinery on its reservation. The tribes’ reservation in western North Dakota sits atop the largest contiguous oil field in US history.

After years of effort, the tribe finally received EPA approval of the key permit to construct the refinery and construction has already begun. It is expected to created 600-1,000 jobs during the two year construction period and then 65 permanent jobs. The tribal college, the Fort Berthold Community College, is already offering two year degrees in refining to prepare tribal citizens for jobs at the refinery.

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One Response to Three Affiliated Tribes developing oil industry

  1. Garrett says:

    An update on this refinery. Looks like they are set to begin construction early this year (2012) and will initially begin refining diesel fuel as it currently has to be shipped in from Minnesota. Understandable, considering the diesel shortage due to Bakken field activity. The facility will be named Thunder Butte Refinery after a sacred site west of New of Town.

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