Watch documentary on the Mapuche of Chile and Argentina

I was just told of this documentary that you can watch for free on line by someone from Chile.

Check it out: “The Voice of the Mapuche”

Here is the synopsis of the film from the web site:

“The Mapuche defeated the Spanish Crown invaders, and do not recognize the border that Chile and Argentina have tried to impose. Presently, the struggle is focused on maintaining their identity as a people, and stopping the encroachment of multinational corporations in Mapuche ancestral territory. In an effort to increase profits, logging, hydroelectric, oil, mining, and tourist companies – among others – cause destruction and pollution on both sides of the Andes Mountains. The music, the paintings, the poetry, the language, the rituals, the traditions, and the strength of nature and the ancestors are present in “The Voice of the Mapuche”. In this independent documentary, the Mapuche vision of the world is the basis to understand the struggle.”

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1 Response to Watch documentary on the Mapuche of Chile and Argentina

  1. Thank you so much for this entry. Please support independent documentary film making and ask your academic library to purchase a copy of the DVD:

    In solidarity, we send you our best regards,
    Pablo Fernández and Andrea Henríquez
    Directors / Producers
    Documentary “The Voice of the Mapuche”

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