Tribe faced with "coal vs. culture" decision

This is an old news item from Oct. 2010, but it presents the classic decision all cultures have to make in deciding how far to go with economic development and utilizing one's natural resources.

The Northern Cheyenne Tribe in Montana has long resisted developing its coal reserves. The Crow Tribe, located immediately adjacent to the Cheyenne, has long made a lot of money off mining its coal.

USA Today published this article back in October – "For Indian tribes, economic needs collide with tradition"

"Jobs are scarce and poverty is pervasive on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, but rich coal deposits lie beneath the buttes where wild horses roam.

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2 Responses to Tribe faced with "coal vs. culture" decision

  1. Jewelry says:

    Its a tough choice. I hear of this alot in the news. Having to maintain culture but going to the new ways…

  2. Madhushewata the Bengali translator says:

    Its really a tough decision although but when it is the question of survival then the government is taking the right decision. Traditions can only be kept when there is plenty of food for you. But as their arise scarcity then maintaining traditions are rather foolishness. So the only thing that can be embraced is making a balance between the two.

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