Uranium mine cleanup on Spokane Reservation

The Seattle Times reported on October 2, 2011 that a deal has been reached between the federal government and one of the world's largest mining companies to cleanup a closed uranium mine on the Spokane Indian Reservation in eastern Washington.

Newmont Mining Co. and its subsidiary Dawn Mining will pay nearly $150 million for restoration costs. The U.S. will chip in $42 million for failing to fulfill its trust responsibility to the Tribe through proper oversight of the open-pit uranium mine.

The mine opened in the 1950s and continued operating until 1981.  Almost 33 million tons of radioactive waste and ore remain at the site.

The cleanup deal was reached as part of settling a law suit that was filed about the mine and the pollution it causes on and off the reservation.

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2 Responses to Uranium mine cleanup on Spokane Reservation

  1. Sure are a lot of money, but must eventually realize what an ecological crisis ..

  2. Christine H. says:

    I’m sharing this article link hoping Indian Country will speak up through their blogs, news articles, etc. to educate the masses on why we, as Native People, won’t stand for this type of stuff. http://dukechronicle.com/article/pi-kapp-party-fuels-anger

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